Our impact

We help our clients solve their capacity problem in a future-proof way. At the same time, we activate the entrepreneurial mindset to make growth and development of the organization possible.

With our proven selection method, we make it clear which candidates have the entrepreneurial mindset. We select based on 7 skills that are necessary to ignite "the fire" for the growth and development of your organization.

Our vision

Entrepreneurial spirit is contagious. Just like enthusiasm!

We believe that employees with an entrepreneurial mindset have the ability to see change and uncertainty as a means to create opportunities for growth and innovation.

From research and experience, it has been shown that mindset, like enthusiasm, is contagious. You only need a third of your employees to feel free to show entrepreneurial behavior and the rest will follow.

Creating opportunities in a continuously changing environment

Activate the entrepreneurial mindset within your company on a small scale and start creating an environment where employees feel comfortable showing entrepreneurship.

Imagine that your company is the place where your employees embrace change and uncertainty and see this as an opportunity to grow. What do your growth and development scenarios look like then? And what new opportunities will be created then?

Mindset and

The future of the company depends on how your employees behave and respond to an ever-changing environment.

With our customers, we see that having the right mindset and developing relevant skills is the way to stay ahead.

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