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Recruitment. The perfect solution to not only solve your capacity problem, but also bring in the right mindset!

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5 reasons to link with Quru Minds

Your recruiters,

...have too many vacancies pending
Recruitment support in-house or remote set up within 24 hours
...want more suitable candidates
On behalf of your company, we approach potential candidates
...see just a little too many colleagues leave
We help develop reasons to stay

Your intuition says,

...that there is more entrepreneurship and drive in your co-workers than is coming out now
Entrepreneurship and drive is contagious. Just like enthusiasm! One only needs an example
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At Quru Minds, we work


At our core, identifying and leveraging opportunities is what comes naturally to us. Our contagious enthusiasm, insatiable curiosity, and unwavering positivity are just a few of the ways we bring innovative solutions and growth-focused possibilities to the table

Talent Focused

At every organization, unlocking the full potential of its talent is crucial to driving progress. With our proven selection process, we handpick individuals who not only possess the necessary skills, but also embody the winning mentality required to achieve your objectives


Effortlessly adjust the scope of our services to match your organization's changing needs, without incurring added costs or navigating complicated contracts. Our nimble and adaptable organization is optimized to seamlessly align with your organization's phase and available capacity


With a global outlook and a focus on your unique area of expertise, we'll work tirelessly to elevate your organization's growth and development with top-notch national and international talent

Data Driven

Data gathering is the foundation of our approach. By analyzing the data, we gain valuable insights into the feasibility of the project, the resources required, and the investment of time needed to achieve your desired outcome


Our commitment to a successful partnership is unwavering. To ensure the best possible outcome, we invest time and energy upfront to thoroughly evaluate the match of your request, preferred method of collaboration, expected results, and budget

What customers say

"Tessa really helps us connect with scarce talent. She responds quickly, is proactive and keeps her appointments. And she is a great colleague!"

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"Despite the complex structure of our organization, and sometimes cumbersome procedures, we have managed to attract dozens of (inter)national talents to us. This would not have been possible without the creativity and result orientation from Quincy."

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"Despite the lack of recruitment capability, existing structures and systems, Quru Minds' interim recruitment team provided the necessary foundation to reduce reliance on third parties and increase recruitment service levels internally."

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Some of our customers

Who we help grow with talent and in mindset

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